Landcare, Austinville community and the city of Gold coast banding together for Hall gardens.

A big thank you to everyone involved making the gardens at the Hall.  First of all we need to thank the City of Gold Coast for providing the Covid-19 Community Organisation Recovery Grant which made the whole project possible.
Many people put a lot of effort and time into this project but special thanks should go to:
Lara Solma for all the work she did in the designing of the gardens
. Dean Markey in providing the brains behind building the sleeper garden beds. Margaret Recheilt and Heather Mayr for sourcing the plants. John Rayner for providing his excavator to rip the hard ground of two garden beds. Angus and Clay Badenoch for providing their excavator to rip another two garden beds. Stephen Wilke and Tiff for always being available to help.
We still have some beds to go, but so far we have had a great time and already have a beautiful new garden!
Well done everyone!!!

Author and gardening co-ordinator Wal Mayr

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